Roles in AirMed & senior care define a career in health

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After 40 years in health care administration, Randy Bury is nearing the end of his career of service. The Good Samaritan Society president and CEO is retiring at the end of December.

“You look back and it’s kind of overwhelming in a way,” Randy says about his time at the Society and Sanford Health.

‘Vivid memory’ providing inspiration

Growing up in Webster, South Dakota, Randy knew from a young age what he was going to do with his life.

At 12, his grandpa was admitted to the hospital. At the time, kids were not allowed to go inside the building for a visit.

“Kind of like COVID, you could stand outside the window,” Randy says. “I have this vivid memory of standing out in the yard thinking, ‘This is nuts. If I ran this place, I’d change that policy.’”

So, it became his mission to make an impact in health care.