RN pivoted from photojournalist to award-winning nurse

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“Working from home” is a pandemic essential for some.

Nicole Bock, RN, always on the road, is an essential nurse doing all her work from your home.

“I go around and see patients in their home and help them with any nursing needs they have,” Nicole, an RN case manager, says.

The Good Samaritan Society – Home Care (Robbinsdale) team member in Minnesota is caring for a handful of patients every day.

“You kind of get to see them on their turf a little bit instead of in the hospital,” Nicole says. “My office is everywhere.”

Teaching others about their medications, taking care of wounds and lab draws are just some of the tasks the eight-year nurse is counted on to complete.

‘I feel I can ask her anything’

Patient Nancy D. Loehr says Nicole, “Makes me feel comfortable and I feel I can ask her anything.

“Elevating people’s health is Nicole’s goal. Elite at taking care of clients, Nicole is being honored with The DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses.