Resident says Society represents ‘Christianity in action’

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When Mel Peters was ready to move to a senior living location in Arkansas, he knew the Good Samaritan Society would be his future home.

“What I find here is they just go out of their way to help you,” says Mel, a resident at Good Samaritan Society – Mountain Home.

‘Good Samaritan’ a good sign

Mel’s very first contact with the Society came tragically during one of life’s trials in 1996. His daughter Sandy, who lived near Kissimmee, Florida, had a rare form of muscle cancer.

Mel and his wife Betty went to Florida to be with Sandy but were struggling to find a place to rent for a long-term stay.

“Driving down Orange Blossom (Trail), I saw this impressive gateway. As I got closer it said Good Samaritan on the arch,” Mel says.

Mel took it as a sign, was directed at the gate to the office and considers the rest divine providence.

“This lady said, ‘We’re going to take care of you and if we don’t, we’re going to go out there and tear down that sign that says Good Samaritan,’” Mel says.