Grandmother’s love spurs a lifelong career with the Society

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Monica Andrew
Monica Andrew

As a high school student, Monica Andrew had dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but her aspirations soon changed when her grandmother, Florence Mathison, encouraged her to apply at the Good Samaritan Society.

Florence was the certified dietary manager at Good Samaritan Society – Bethany in Brainerd, Minnesota, and thought a job in the kitchen would be a good place for her teenage granddaughter to work.

“I admired my grandma so I applied for the job and that’s what brought me to Good Samaritan,” remembers Monica.

The grandmother and granddaughter had always been close. Monica spent a lot of time at Florence’s house.

“She was the kindest, sweetest person. I could tell her anything,” Monica says. “I don’t think I could have done anything wrong in her eyes.”

The two worked together at the Bethany location for many years, including after Monica graduated from high school in 1976. As time passed, Florence, who planned to retire, encouraged Monica to take the certified dietary manager course.