Generations of same family serve Good Samaritan Society

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Flipping through old photo albums at a Good Samaritan Society – Prairie Creek twin home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Cindy Moegenburg is realizing many aspects of her life are filled with memories made at the Society.

“I’ll never forget the relationships I had within Good Samaritan,” Cindy says.

It all started with an apple pie

A newly minted nurse in 1973 working at a hospital near Laurens, Iowa, Cindy says her first connection to the Society came via a local administrator. The woman dropped off an apple pie at Cindy’s home as a welcome to the community.

“She was a smart lady. She brought a glass pie plate,” Cindy says with smile. “She knew I’d return it, I’m sure.”

When Cindy went to the nursing home to bring the plate back, she was given a tour that included the daily devotion.

“I just know it was heartfelt and the residents appreciated it and responded. They sang and it felt like it was inviting me to part of the Good Samaritan Society,” Cindy says tearing up.

Cindy joined the Society in 1973 as a nurse in Laurens, Iowa. She’d be the location’s director of nursing within three months.