Director of nursing honored with Patriot Award

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Serving others is good medicine for the soul.

Megan Soukup, a CNA at Good Samaritan Society – Wagner in South Dakota, is known for loving and looking out for residents.

“I started here in 2019. I was 15,” Megan, who grew up on a farm nearby, says. “From there on, I kind of discovered that serving others is what I really like. It’s my passion. It’s kind of where I stuck ever since.”

The 19-year-old is also serving the country in the South Dakota Army National Guard. She hopes to put in 20 years and drills with the 155th Engineer Company in Wagner.

“I’m a soldier first. Then my job is heavy equipment operator, so construction. I do excavators, dozers, loaders, scrapers, road graders. All kinds of heavy junk equipment like that,” Megan says smiling.

‘We like to treat our military family well’

Returning recently from annual training overseas, Megan is integrating smoothly at the Society, and her fellow caregivers are happy to have her back.