Devoted Society nurse later becomes a resident

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Good Samaritan Society - Ambassador - former staff member, Marian Johnson is now a resident

In the decades since Marian Johnson worked for the Good Samaritan Society in St. James, Minnesota, she still has fond memories of her time there.

And even though the 89-year-old eventually moved from the community and later to the Twin Cities, she knew that she wanted to live in a Society location if she had the opportunity.

“I told my children that if I lived long enough to be in a facility I would like very much to be at a Good Samaritan Society facility, and here I am at The Lodge of New Hope,” says Marian. “I moved to this area to be near my daughters.”

A wonderful career

When Marian first discovered the Society in 1974, she wasn’t sure if a job in long-term care was for her, but her curiosity led her to answer an ad for a nursing job.