Continuing to learn and grow in her 90s

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Winifred Dixon - GSS Moscow
Kelly Todd

Most days Winifred Dixon can be found at the computer in her apartment researching her genealogy. The 93-year-old resident at Good Samaritan Society – Moscow Village in Moscow, Idaho, enjoys locating family members from centuries past.

“It’s been a fun adventure. My mother’s family came from Ireland. The potato famine meant their tenants couldn’t pay their rent,” says Winifred. “My father’s family came to Virginia in the 1600s. I’m Irish and English.”

Winifred likes using her computer to trace her genealogy and also uses it to balance her checkbook. She recently got a smartphone to text her family. And she uses Zoom to talk with her son and his family once a week. She’s thankful for a friend who helps her with any computer issues she has.

Starting out

Winifred grew up in a small community outside of Portland, Oregon. From there, she went to Oregon State.