Bronze Star recipient at Society played a part of history

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Roughly 30 veterans call Good Samaritan Society – Grand Island Village in Nebraska home.

Retired Army Maj. Judy Rosenkotter and her husband Harold were the first to move into the twin homes on campus and have lived here since 2010. The Rosenkotters, married 60 years, love their neighbors.

“They’re all so congenial and friendly. We’re in a great neighborhood. Just really the best,” Judy says.

The veteran community at Grand Island Village, to which Judy belongs, is a cherished group that meets monthly.

“It’s a time when they can come together and just have coffee and talk and share stories,” Society senior sales representative Aimee Steinhardt-Duysen says.

Aimee says staff members are working hard to make the location a welcoming place for veterans. A campus where they can find purpose surrounded by others who have served the country.

“It’s really important that we treat our veterans with the utmost respect,” Aimee says.

‘Honor and a privilege’

A Bronze Star recipient, Judy began her military career in the United States Air Force. She was a fleet service dispatcher at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.

“The whole experience was an honor and a privilege,” Judy says when talking about serving in the Air Force and Army.